County Party of the Year 2016!

    Charleston County Democratic Party

  • What We Do

    Committed to electing Democrats up and down the ballot!


    Volunteers are the core to Democrats winning!

    Volunteers are need to make phone calls and knock on doors throughout the year. If you are willing to help with this please reach out and we will get you working to elect Democrats!


    We need your financial support to keep electing Democrats!

    Every year the Charleston County Democrats need to raise $20,000 to fund their operations and keep Charleston as a BLUE County. Can you help by making a monthly or one time contribution?


    Social and Business Meetings

    Charleston Democrats hold 4 business meetings per year. In between we hold a variety of social gatherings and encourage people to volunteer with campaigns. All meetings will be posted on our Facebook page and sent out via email. 

  • Who We Are

    A volunteer run organization

    Brady Quirk-Garvan



    1st Vice Chair - Radia Heyward

    2nd Vice Chair - Bobbie Rose

    3rd Vice Chair - Devon Turner


    Executive Committee Male - John Brisini

    Executive Committee Female - Carole Benson

    Alternate Executive Committee Male - JA Moore

    Alternate Executive Committee Female - Toby Smith

  • Charleston County Democratic Candidates

    Who will be on the ballot in 2016?

  • Donate

    Consider making a contribution so we can keep Charleston as a strong Democratic County

  • Connect With Us

    We're all over social media!