Democratic Elected Officials

We have a growing list of elected Democrats that serve the residents of Charleston County.


Congressman James Clyburn


Congressman Joe Cunningham
U.S. Congress, 1st District

Congressman James Clyburn
U.S. Congress, 6th District


Margie Bright-Matthews
State Senate 45

Marlon Kimpson
State Senate 42

J A Moore
State House 15

David Mack
State House 109

Wendell Gilliard
State House 111

Marvin Pendarvis
State House 113

Robert Brown
State House 116

Krystle Simmons
State House 117

Leon Stavrinakis
State House 119


Peter Tecklenburg
Charleston County Auditor

Mary Tinkler
Charleston County Treasurer

Michael Miller
Charleston County Register of Deeds

Henry Darby
County Council 4

Teddie Pryor
County Council 5

Vic Rawl
County Council 6

Anna Johnson
County Council 8