Our Hearts Go Out to Charlottesville

The tragic events that took place this past weekend in Charlottesville were a painful reminder that hate is on the rise in our country. We watched in horror as confederate apologists and flag-waving nazis marched through American streets with assault weapons and riot gear. Our horror turned to disgust and disbelief as the president condemned “all sides” for the bloodshed caused when one of the white supremacists ran down innocent victims in what was clearly an act of far-right domestic terrorism.

Here in Charleston, we know how the leadership of a great president can heal divisions and bring hope to a community torn apart by hate. Sadly, Charlottesville is not going to see a president sing “Amazing Grace” in Emancipation Park. 

Our hearts go out to our friends in Charlottesville. We know what that pain feels like. We also know that we are not defined by tragedies like these, but by our response to them. Think back to the gestures that meant the most to you during Charleston’s time of need and join with your friends, neighbors and fellow Democrats to show similar kindness to the community that is now grieving in Charlottesville. 

As Democrats, we sometimes believe our progressive views on equality are destined to take root because the arc of history has steadily drifted in that direction. Some of us are more than a little horrified by what feels like a sharp turn backward. The truth is, history has had that progressive bent not because it was inevitable, but because of the hard work of people just like us. It is up to us to bend that arc back in the right direction. If you are willing to become a precinct leader (or assist other precinct leaders in their efforts) please send us an email at volunteer@charlestondemocrats.com.

Rob DanielComment