New Leadership Team Elected


Saturday's convention at Burke High School marked the kickoff of campaign season for 2018 and set the foundation for our party's success in November. In addition to hearing from a phenomenal slate of candidates, our county delegates unanimously approved the CCDP leadership team that Senator Marlon Kimpson put forward as chair of the nominating committee. As noted in the Post & Courier, Brady Quirk-Garvan is now the first chair since the 1970's to be elected for three terms as leader of the County Party. Elizabeth Jordan was selected as 1st Vice Chair; Emmanuel Ferguson as 2nd Vice Chair and Sh'Kur Francis will serve as 3rd Vice Chair, a role which focuses on engaging young people in our party. Eileen Dougherty was selected to be the female Executive Committee member for the county with Richard Hricik serving as the male Exective Committee member. Stewart Weinberg and Radia Heyward were chosen as alternates. We look forward to our inaugural meeting with the new leadership team this Thursday at North Charleston City Hall. We hope to see you there!

Rob DanielComment