National Democrats Invest in Cunningham Race


As the Cook Political Report shifts the 1st District into their list of highly competitive races and Joe Cunningham continues to out-raise his radical Republican challenger, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has decided to make a significant investment in the race. As part of the DCCC’s Red to Blue program, Cunningham’s team will receive financial and logistical support without a lot of the strings that have been attached to similar programs in the past. Democrats in states like South Carolina have long argued that campaigns are strongest when they focus on the local issues that matter to the people in their districts as opposed to echoing a message crafted in Washington -- and the party is listening. With more resources from the DCCC and continued support from thousands of local donors, Joe will continue to talk about the issues that matter most to the voters of the 1st District and he’ll have even more tools at his disposal to get the word out.

If you’re fed up with the radical agenda coming out of Washington that threatens our coastline with oil rigs and seeks to roll back all the gains we have made in the last decade, please consider donating or volunteering to support the county party’s efforts to turn out as many Democratic voters as possible in the 1st District and throughout the county.

Rob DanielComment